- The right writer -
a choose your own adventure story
Want to know whether I'm the right writer for you? Easy! just answer these questions (there are four of 'em, it'll take a minute or so to complete) and let the survey gods decide.
Start the adventure
Your private jet has landed. you step onto the runway and hand your carry-on baggage to jeeves. "pardon me," jeeves says. "but your guide wants to know your name."

"Sure," you say. "my name is ..." 

Hi, {{answer_62350855}}! It's so great you're here. i can't wait to show you around. Yep, that's our ride there. get on in. So, bit of a pickle, {{answer_62350855}}. You see, I kinda forgot to pick up my puppy from daycare. But you don't mind kicking off this adventure without me, right?"

Great! Thanks so much. well, i'll just drop you off right about ... here. there you go. hop on out. now go and enjoy yourself, buddy!"

You STUMBLE, bleary-eyed, INTO A PASTEL RAINFOREST. Weird birds are chirping and everything smells like ice-cream and cotton candy. Or maybe ice-cream cotton candy. There are two paths to choose from.

Each has a sign post that starts with 'go this way if ..."

Great choice! And look, a cute toucan just popped over to say hello. This pastel rainforest ain't so bad after all.

whoops, {{answer_62350855}} - Maybe we spoke too soon!

leaves rustle menacingly behind you. You tense, ready to flee, when out pops ... your dream customer! phew. And guess what? they're in desperate need of your offering(s).

The good news is that they're heading to check out your site as we speak. This is your chance to truly connect with them. you have a great offering, now you just need to convince them of that. What do you do?

From across the globe, your word-wooer gets to work. You want them to:

Nice move, {{answer_62350855}}. Your target market is impressed. in fact, they've invited you back to their hut so you can grab a coconut cocktail while you wait for your web copy.

Your email pings - your copy is ready! you upload it to your site and smile as your ...

You pass it to your target customer and watch as their eyes sparkle. they turn to you, grin, and add your offering to their cart.

you've saved the day.

whoa - {{answer_62350855}}, i think we might be a perfect match! Your answers suggest that our styles are aligned. so, whaddya say, wanna see what my web copy can do for you?

Too scary for you? There's no glory in quitting...
I'll be braver this time
ruh-roh. My clients are passionate peeps that love what they do. It's mighty hard to woo words for businesses that don't care about what they do. Maybe I'm not the right writer for you?
Wait - I changed my mind!
I believe words are gifts that keep on giving. They share your message, tell your story and charm, compel and sell ... all while you're sleeping, or, you know, vacationing in hawaii. If that sounds like a hum-drum expense, I'm probably not the right writer for you.
Wait - I changed my mind!
My average turn-around time is between two weeks to a month. I like to take my time and really get to know your business, target market and offerings before I start writing. It's cool if this doesn't sound like what you need - it's best we figured this out now!
I can extend my deadline
Whoops. Your target customer fell asleep. While every good writer can tailor their writing style and tone, if you're looking for somebody that toes the wordy line, I'm probably not the right writer for you. 
maybe you'd rather words that woo?
Let me try again
That was fun. thanks for playing, {{answer_62350855}}.
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Thanks, {{answer_62350855}}. Your kit is on the way!

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