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a choose your own adventure story
Want to know whether I'm the right writer for you? Easy! just answer these questions (there are four of 'em, it'll take a minute or so to complete) and let the survey gods decide.
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Too scary for you? There's no glory in quitting...
ruh-roh. My clients are passionate peeps that love what they do. It's mighty hard to woo words for businesses that don't care about what they do. Maybe I'm not the right writer for you?
I believe words are gifts that keep on giving. They share your message, tell your story and charm, compel and sell ... all while you're sleeping, or, you know, vacationing in hawaii. If that sounds like a hum-drum expense, I'm probably not the right writer for you.
My average turn-around time is between two weeks to a month. I like to take my time and really get to know your business, target market and offerings before I start writing. It's cool if this doesn't sound like what you need - it's best we figured this out now!
Whoops. Your target customer fell asleep. While every good writer can tailor their writing style and tone, if you're looking for somebody that toes the wordy line, I'm probably not the right writer for you. 
maybe you'd rather words that woo?
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